Sofa Care Guide

We understand the importance of maintaining your sofa in perfect condition through the years. That’s why we’ve collected some tips and tricks that might come in handy to ensure that your new piece of furniture will provide the same level of comfort and great looks for longer.

Fading Protection

While all textiles fade with time as part of their natural antiquing process, we highly recommend avoiding placing the sofa under direct sun or other heat sources like radiators. If you want to put your sofa near a window, keep the curtains and blinds drawn or dipped when the sun is shining the brightest.

Cushions Protection

Cushions lose volume with time – that’s also a natural process, to ensure their longevity after every use plump them firmly after every use. If your sofa has reversible cushions, it’s also a good idea to rotate them occasionally just to avoid uneven wear.

Stains and Spills

Doesn’t matter how careful we’re going to be sooner or later It’s bound to happen. Once you spill something on your sofa it’s important to act immediately. Soak the spillage with a clean cloth or towel and then use a hairdryer and dry the place from a safe distance (around 30cm) to avoid the watermarks. If you’re prone to this type of accidents, it’s also a good idea to protect your sofa by treating it with upholstery protector.

General Cleaning & Advice

You should vacuum your couch on a regular basis to minimise dust accumulation, which can result in permanent blemishes on the fabric. If your sofa needs a thorough cleaning, rather than attempting to clean it yourself, hire a local expert to do it. We don't recommend sitting on the sofa's arms or front edge, since this might quicken the wear process. Also, don't apply any weight on a sofa's side panels, especially the outer arms and back panels.