Harriet 2 seater in grass green colour

Mood is a quality that affects the comfort level of your guests and the emotional impact of your décor. It’s a quality that is often overlooked, but one that can be planned and achieved.

The use of colour is an important aspect of interior design. It can be used to create a desired mood in your home. The colour wheel is a tool that helps you choose the right colours for your home by understanding how they work together.

You can use the colour wheel to find complementary colours, which are colours that are opposite each other on the wheel and will look great together. For example, red and green make a good combination.

You can also use the triad, which consists of three colours that are equidistant from each other on the colour wheel, and will also look great together. .

Another thing you could do is go monochromatic by using shades with the same colour family in order to create a harmonic yet sophisticated combination.

The colour wheel has seven colours, which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These colours were chosen because they each correspond to their own special attribute or mood. Red is for passion and energy; orange is for warmth and happiness; yellow is for optimism and growth; green is for nature or life; blue represents sadness or peace; indigo is for wisdom and stability; and violet represents deep thought or spirituality