Lothian 3 seater in light grey

What better way to make your house feel like a home than to have somewhere for yourself and guests to sit and put their feet up, recline and relax? A recliner isn’t just any seat, it’s a seat to ensure you feel supported and comfortable as well as being durable.

When buying a recliner, it is important to decide what material best fits your needs. Would a leather recliner be best or perhaps you should go for fabric like jumbo cord? Leather recliners don’t just look great but feel great too! They are easy to clean and what’s more important leather is known for durability. Jumbo cord is great with pets as the material doesn’t get marked as easily with sharp claws.

Next is to decide whether electric recliners or manual is the best option for you. Manual recliners are the most common option with a pull lever to recline the chair. The option to upgrade your sofa to an electric means no problem to put the recliner down, with just a push of a button the sofa will begin to recline. As well as this, charging your devices will mean no more hunting for a spare plug socket with a built in USB port per mechanism!