How to measure a sofa?

Buying a sofa is probably the biggest purchase you’ll make. This will be not only the most used piece of furniture in your living room but also the most noticeable one and for sure the one that would cover up a considerable amount of space. Having that in mind it’s important to make sure the sofa you buy would fit perfectly in the chosen spot. To make it a bit easier we have prepared a short guide with tips and tricks for you.

Sofa Dimensions

There are few types of sofas you might want to consider, whether it’s a 3 seater sofa, armchair or corner sofa having the correct measurements is a must.

The most important for you would be width (W) and depth (D) to figure out how much of the space the sofa would take but you should also consider the height (H) of the sofa to ensure it would blend nicely in the room. Additional measurements like seat depth or legs height might be also useful.

While buying a sofa bed or a recliner remember to take measurement of the extended depth when it’s converted into a bed or fully reclined

Measure your space

The next step is to measure the area where you want the sofa to go. Make careful you measure all edges of your sofa before proceeding.

Some people overlook measuring the height, but it may have a significant influence on how a couch appears in your area, so be sure to take correct measurements of the height, breadth, and depth of the sofa.

It might also be useful to draw a line where your sofa will go so you can have a better sense of how much room it will take up.

Create a sofa template on your floor with masking tape, newspaper, or even pillows, and keep it there for a day or two to ensure you have enough room to walk around.

Measure for delivery

Your sofa delivery day should be enjoyable experience not another thing to worry about. To avoid a delivery day disaster, measure the way your sofa will take into your home. We're talking about entrances (both external and internal), halls, and staircases.

Measure the height, width, and depth of the sofa against the dimensions of your home to ensure that the entire sofa will fit.

Don’t worry if you’re missing a few inches to squeeze the sofa in, most of them have removable legs or come in few parts. Also considering another entry point like through the garden where the doors are usually a bit wider might also save a day.

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